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Néctar do Cerrado Gold

Perfectly aged in Brazil Nut Tree wood, our NECTAR DO CERRADO GOLD brings an exquesite cachaça, with a slight nut flavor. Being a protected tree by law, NECTAR DO CERRADO is one of the few companies legally authorized to age cachaça in barrels made of this wood, giving the true connoisseur of distilled spirits a really unique and pleasant experince.
NECTAR DO CERRADO is perfect to be appreciated straight out of the bottle, accompanied by hors-d’oeuvres and appetizers.

Néctar do Cerrado Silver

Due to its neutral delightful flavor, NECTAR DO CERRADO SILVER is perfect to prepare refreshing and delicious  cocktails, specially the famous Caipirinha, a delicious Brazilian blend of cachaça limes, sugar and ice.